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Arienne and Me

Arienne Yoga & Lifestyle Flower

 Hi! My name is Kristyna, I love beaches, seas, oceans and sun. I am an incurably romantic person and believer in the innate goodness of everyone. Truly in love with the benefits of Yoga, Ayurveda and Raw Food which I am here to share with YOU! Oh, you’re asking who’s Arienne then?  

 I just love the name Arienne, hence I use it as the name for my business. It just sounds so abundant, doesn’t it?! 

My Journey

Picture of the teacher Arienne, smiling
Arienne Yoga & Lifestyle Flower

 Raw food sneaked into my life quite randomly in 2014. I have since then fallen in love with it every day more and more. At the time I was already 80% on raw vegan diet, I realized that hunger attacks and long hours of belly ache that accompanied me since childhood completely disappeared. This led to me eating completely vegan. It was an unintended, very simple, very long and very beneficial transition for me.

 The next positive lifestyle change happened in 2015, when I committed to a DAILY practice of yoga for the very first time in my life. Short practices, every day. The phrase ‘A little goes a long way’ sticked with me. I noticed how my days were more joyful, grounded, focused. My body loved to spread the wings, take space and breathe. At one point, I was even doing yoga three times a day.

 Few years later yoga helped me to stay focused through the biggest project of my life at that point - moving to another country while not speaking its language that well.

 As years passed and my yoga practice developed, I’ve had many inner callings, so to say, to take a yoga teacher training, but never picked up the phone :))

 Finally, in 2020, I answered that call and did my first training with Rey Cardenas, Kielly Wolters and Shanti Kelley. I was amazed by the changes in my physical, mental and emotional body and I knew that I want to share this life-changing experience with you.  I understood that teaching yoga was and is my true calling.

 I continued my education with Iva Drtina-Hall and Shanti Kelley with whom I studied Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga. Furthermore, I took a Foundational training in Ayurveda with Iva and Jenn Wooten.


 In October 2021 I completed an advanced yoga teacher training with the knowledgeable and professional team of Practice Yoga Austin studio, where we dove deeper into all Eight Limbs of Yoga. I implement the gained and practiced knowledge throughout my classes, whether it’s an active yoga class, Restorative (with capital R!) or Yin.   


 My offers to you are yoga classes in person in Paris or online on zoom, short videos, posts and soon, you’ll also be able to read about Yoga and Raw-Food Lifestyle on my blog. May they serve you well and support you on your way. 


Arienne Yoga & Lifestyle Flower
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